Wednesday, December 30, 2009


B if u're reading this i want to tell u that KESAYANGANKU is not panggilan manja for our cat.u know what i'm talking about..

Its the 2nd last day of the year.what do i think about has been Alhamdulillah gradually got better through out the year.the highlight of 2009 has of course been the day i got engaged which was on my 26th birthday..
This year my house got renovated for almost 4 months.My dad's initial plan was to extend the kitchen area but eventually the renovation project got bigger.I even got a bigger room.we suffered for these few months because honestly the house was not in a live in condition.imagine no kitchen for 4 went on untill the fasting had to buy food everyday.we got sick of eating out.our fridge was in the hall.we ate out of paper plates and drank out of paper cups.the house was supposed to be ready in the mid of ramadhan ,tapi biasalah mesti delay.nevertheless the contractor managed to complete the house on the eve of raya.

A few good friends are getting married really soon.i love weddings.especially the nikah u can never not cry when u witness a nikah..taktaula macam mana when its my turn.
December has been honestly great.i'm feeling very much prepared to move forward and i really want to enjoy and appreciate the few remaining years that i have left to be a 20 something girl..


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