Tuesday, December 22, 2009

mixed entry

Last friday, me and my friends gathered for a friends hen's nite.We had dinner at a croatian restaurant at Solaris mont kiara.After dinner, went straight back home because boy was on the way .After reaching,I accompanied my darling to have supper .By the time we got back was already about 3am.And still he didnt let me go straight to bed.Had to teman him watch tv downstairs till about 4 am.
I was damn tired and sleepy because it was way past my bedtime.The next morning i woke up at 9.30 and scrambled to get ready.(Mom made an appointment with the designer at 10.30 am at Jakel).I went downstairs to wake boy up, but mom and dad said boy had already shower,bought breakfast and now he tertido balik.

Met with the designer.she's young and she just got married herself.She showed me a few sketches.After choosing one of the sketches and incorporating my ideas with it,we started to hunt for the suitable materials.
Oh i so so love my kain and the design..We're planning to take boy's family to Jakel to get all the wedding materials too.Mom's family has known the Jakel family since way back in Segamat.So, mmg they gave us like very reasonable prices.
Emma our designer was introduced to us by Kak Farah,(menantu Jakel)..She loves Emma's work and highly recommends her.Emma used to be Radzuan Radziwill's assistant like Kudin etc..Mmg she charges very reasonably considering its including shoes and veil..
Even mom decided to hire emma to make her baju.Will have to meet up with Emma again soon to send my nikah material and mom's material.

Yesterday i called Liza, Saidatul's assistant to see if Kak Sai's available for my wedding,but no luck.she's still bonded with Brunei royalty, and apparently there's a birthday celebration in the palace during my dates.Kak Liza is also unavailable because she would be in confinement.Syg betul..both of them are good.


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