Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Loving Pink

This is my doorgifts insyallah.within the budget given by dad and approved by all the aunts.Will put in an egg wrapped in netting and stuffed into the glass.(The egg will fit nicely in it)
Its made of glass.it can be used as a candle holder or just a decoration.You can but ur clips and pins etc too..
At the place that i found this item, there were 7 colours all together.but mom and I have decided to go with of course our theme colour- fuschia pink and silver.Pink would be for the ladies and silver for the men..
We bought 200 pcs already and have paid for the booking fee for the remaining 1300 pcs..will have to go pick it up in stages or might have to borrow boy's car to fit in all the remaining pcs.
So i've settled everything for the nikah and reception door gifts.we have even bought fuschia pink pouches for the kids.yeYyy!!


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