Tuesday, December 1, 2009

singapore trip part 2

Shopping trip in singapore was great.Got home at 9 pm last night.i was relieved that i found boy's hantaran shirt and shoes.lega sgt..this time around, most of the hours spent in s'pore was for shopping..Orchard road was full.there's so many shopping malls in orchard road.not to mention vivo city where i got my last minute charles and keith bag and mom's shoes..

For boys' hantaran stuff, he chose an Armani long sleeved shirt..it was on sale for half the price and just bought plain working shoes from Clarks.
He bought me Kate moss's perfume set..from my observation,shopping in singapore is way better because of the wide selection and they have brands that are not found in m'sia.tu yg best sgt tu..
shopping malls are connected to each other via their underpass.
we also went to Mustafa in little india.Mustafa is a 24hour wholesale place.u can basically get everything there.after getting our stuff from mustafa we had north indian food at a restaurant across mustafa.the food was so good especially the butter chicken..That night we slept at 3am and we woke up at 8am the next day..and the shopping spree continued after our breakfast in geylang.

yesterday before leaving singapore which was planned to be at 2;30pm, ended up with us leaving at 5;15pm..this is because we made a final shopping pit stop. at Vivo city.it was well worth it!!!

I wanna go shopping in singapore again!!even if i cant shop,just walking along orchard road with all the pretty decorations would be good enough.


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