Saturday, December 26, 2009


Today, dad bought me a notebook.All of a sudden he asked me if i needed a new notebook.Of course i said YES!. we went to PJ's Digital Mall.Yey..dah lama dah my old lappy dah gone case..
Anyway, currently typing this entry on my new notebook.YeAy!..hehehe

This weekend so far has been very relaxing.went out the whole day yesterday with mom and aunts and cousins.Besides that, i have been lazing at home.tak keluar rumah n lepak with friends langsung.Boy is bz this weekend.he wanted me to come to melaka but i wasnt willing to take the chance getting caught in the highway with the traffic jam, due to the long weekend.
So i guess this weekend i wont be seeing my darling.But its seriously ok for me.dah biasa dah.i'll insyallah see him next thursday for new year's eve.Still have not decided what to do to celebrate the new year..dinner maybe?
Just watching fireworks with him will do.doing nothing as long as i'm with him would be everything.2010 is around the corner.What is my new year's resolution..hmmm
You dont know what you've got till its gone-must always remember this


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