Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ZOuk Out

this weekend : zouk out in singapore

Menyesal pulak pegi singapore 2 weeks ago.but actually i'm done with partying.(for now Insyallah)..would rather stay home with my cat and family..
my cousins are going for the party,i'm tempted but i have to save money ..
last sunday, i went to the FJ Benjamin warehouse some panties from La Senza..10 for kan!

Afer that we went to Armada hotel to check out the Coach warehouse sale,but we got there at 3pm and before entering the parking lot,there were signboards saying
"coach warehouse sale SOLD OUT!!"
Damn frustrating..

I really want to go on a short vacation..anywhere local would do..just want to fill in one of the few long weekends that's coming up..i was thinking of penang.but the 4-5 hours drive to penang ,sitting with my brothers in the car was a big turn off.

This friday is a public holiday for yeay!!
no plans so far, but surely 80 percent of the time would be spent just lazing at home..


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