Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Plans for Hari Raya

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Raya is a week away ! woohoo!

So far puasa this year syukur alhamdulillah, better than previous years.
I have no plans on baking raya biscuits. Have ordered a few types from work for my house and my mil's house. As for my baju raya this year, my mom's tailor refused to take my materials as it was 1 week of puasa already. (I figured this, but somehow didnt sweat it as nowadays there's tons of ready made baju kurungs to choose from).

I remember asking hubs a few times even before puasa whether he wanted to make a new baju melayu this year. As usual he'll say there's no need for it because he hardly wears them and last year's was still as good as new.So i was just waiting for the perfect weekend to go look for my baju kurung, and then out of the blue, hubs said he changed his mind and he wanted a new pair of baju melayu. Off we went to Jakel Shah Alam on a sunday on the 14th day of puasa to look for his material. This year, i let him choose our theme color. He chose purplish grey.
After Jakel, we headed for Subang Parade as my mom has been telling me that there's so many stalls selling baju kurung for raya on the ground floor.
True enough there was plenty of stalls to choose from but limited to the color hubs has chosen. After looking around at a few stalls with hubs totting behind me, bored to death. Finally found a baju kurung that was 90 percent the same color as hubs material.
When i got home, i was sorting out my wardrobe when i found that I actually got another 2 baju kurungs that i have never worn. I totally forgot about them. I made them in May for a friends wedding but ended up not wearing it. ...So i have 3 baju kurungs already which i think is more than enough for raya.

Hubs will be coming back this friday night. and we will be going back to Melaka on Monday. Will be spending raya in Melaka, meeting my parents in Tampin on the first day of raya, and my parents are coming to hub's house on the 2nd day of raya. I will be in melaka until the 4th day of raya, then all of us (hubs family) will go to Port Dickson for a 1 nights stay. Then the next day hubs and i will be coming back to Subang.

Excited for raya. To eat ketupat and all. Not to forget my 2nd attempt on my sambal jawa. All the raya biscuits. Duit raya from hubs!!
Oh yes, my family and hubs have agreed on trying to have a feel of jalan TAR this weekend on one of the nights. Will use the lrt to get to kl. cant wait for our mini adventure.! My dad did ask if hubs has ever tried the komuter and lrt, which made me laughed. i actually can confirm that my husband has never been on one. He is the type who prefers driving right to the doorstep if possible. mengada!
He ought to get used to public transportation's because there will be alot of tube rides in our december trip.


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