Monday, November 23, 2009


My mom called me when i was in the office and told me that she found something to be given as our door gifts .she was so excited and said to me:
"u'll definitely love it,and it's within the allocated budget"
from then on, i couldnt concentrate on work, and kept on imagining how the thing would look like.

got home and sure enough, my mom was waiting to show it to me...I LOVE IT.
she even found a door gift for the nikah..I LOVE IT TOO.
even surprising, when my dad saw both items, he didnt object and agreed withount any questions.

even though its not much,i still love it cause its just simple.thought of posting the pictures of the items but, then again it wouldnt be a surprise to everyone anymore if i did so.
I've always wanted to give something that people could use after the wedding..NOT SOMETHING THT PPL WOULD THROW OUT IMMEDIATELY UPOn RETURNING HOME..
desired items:
i.e:decorations,ceramics,candle holder,jewellery boxes(not paper/cardbox)and lots more.. what my mom found today could actually be useful and handy in the household.

.we shall wait for the big day in july alrite..!!



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