Friday, March 5, 2010

Mama and Me

Yesterday upon reaching home from work, i could feel the tense between mom and dad.
Dad was in the kitchen eating alone and mom in front of the tv barely giving me a smile-she's always very chirpy and talkative.
Joined my dad halfway through his meal and later when he finished and walked out of the kitchen, mom came and joined me halfway through my meal..
I asked my mom-'Ma, tak kawan dgn papa ke'
mom-'A'ah'-then she continued eating

I tried to korek what was the cause for it, then mom explained ..
Sumpah benda yg sgt kecik..reason being-just because my dad was unwell to attend a kenduri last night, and he asked my mom to go alone, but my mom refused.

I've been told constantly by Boy, that i very much follow my mothers personality and traits.Its the little things when u observe closely that shows how much in common we are.For instance the way i talk,our facial features, how easily irritated we get etc...

Ok, to a different story altogether, yesterday i got a text from my wedding card vendor that i should send all my details for the card at the end of april.
So i told my mom about it and mom specifically told me that she didnt want too many wordings in the card.She wanted it to be simple and clearly printed so that the old people could read it.While discussing about the card she got up and took a sample of her friends daughter's wedding card ..In the card there was this line she wanted to copy which was: ke Majlis Perkahwinan PUTERI kami,

So, she wanted to use the word PUTERI, I thought that was nice but i purposely told her i wanted the word PRINCESS.HEHEHEH.

'Ke Majlis Perkahwinan Princess Kami'



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