Tuesday, March 16, 2010

4 months


MashaAllah, Insyallah a wedding is on the way, and this time: i'm the bride!!

Yesterday i was on leave because i promised my mom to go look for coloured papers to stuff into my doorgift.Early morning we joined my aunts for breakfast in Bangsar then all of us went to Balakong to go get the coloured papers.Once we got there,we saw materials that were way nicer than just papers and because my aunts were there to persuade mom, we ended up spending Rm 500 for materials for the doorgifts, which i confirm everyone would throw out.

Last sunday we went hunting for my bedroom furnitures..
mom and i found the classic all white bedroom set at Fella Design but we have to wait to get my dad to go look at it and get his approval.It was sooo pretty, and it would be lovely for my bilik pengantin.


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