Saturday, February 27, 2010

My turn to drive up to Malacca

Tomorrow morning, as soon as I wake up and get dressed, i'll be going off to Malacca.
Its high time that i showed up at boy's house.Boy himself has been saying that i'm unfair and a bit one sided which is obvious that i want everything to revolve around my life, my family etc..

Insyallah i will be spending a night there and will be coming back on Sunday.Going to Malacca once in a while is actually fun.Boy would let me have baba nyonya food for lunch,seafood for dinner and asam pedas for supper.Yes,boy loves to stuff me with food.I'll be the one who ends up finishing the many dishes that he orders just because i cant stand the sight of food being wasted.

As for today, (actually yesterday,because its 12.30am already!)I went to 2 birthday parties.The one in the morning was for a 6 year old nephew and the one at night was for my 60 year old uncle..Had fun with aunts,uncles and cousins like always..

Cant wait to spend my weekend in Malacca with my darling...


Aziati Wan Haron said...

babe, I didn't know you blog!
LOL.. Helloooo ;)
BTW the other day I went to Malacca for it's Cendol
OMG it's so nice..

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