Monday, February 15, 2010

Being the eldest comes with the pros and cons.

Tonights dinner-ayam masak lemak cili api and sayur campur..

Yes, i cooked both dishes.Am very proud of myself..My youngest brother said he was hungry so i had to cook dinner early.Finished washing and folding his clothes and will be sending him back to Lembah Beringin tomorrow evening.
Cant wait for my parents to come home so that the responsibilities would be lifted.hehe..

Anyway despite feeling exhausted by all the house chores, i actually enjoyed all of it.Boy is so proud of me.Everytime i cooked something i would mms him the photo of the dishes i made.I love being the big sister and i love being the only daughter.
Sometimes when i'm being to bossy towards boy, he would say i definitely channeled the inner big sister in me.

Being the eldest and the only sister they have, i definitely tend to be a bit bossy and misuse my authority as the eldest to tell my brothers to do things for me..No doubt they get irritated at times, but saying no to me is not a wise thing to do..
This applies most obviously to my youngest brother.He wouldnt want to upset me would he.I basically drive him back to his college every alternate weekends.He looks for me to confide when he''s having problems.He know's i've got his back..
As for my other brother, he doesnt need any small favours from me.He just does what i asks for out of love and respect for his only sister..

I love my brothers and i think i make an excellent big sister.


Ems said...

hai Diyana,

Stumbled upon your blog when i wanted to google for Kudin's phone no. Do you mind if i can have his number? Since he'll be making your dresses, how is it so far? is he recommended?

thanks again Diyana

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