Thursday, February 11, 2010

My cat is going to get it

2 days ago, my cat did something really naughty
She pulled out the keypads from my notebook, and the worst part is that she bit on it until it pierced through the caps.If she just pulled it out, it wouldnt be a problem coz i could just re attach it but the thing is she destroyed the caps,now the letters i and no 1 are with holes .
I was damn upset and angry, boy told me to give her a spanking on the butt, but i think its going to be useless.

I called up a few places to inquire about the replacement keypad,thank god they do sell the damn thing.But its going to take me about 4-5 weeks to wait for the stock to arrive.And it costs rm 222.
Ridiculous considering its only made out of plastic.but i WANT to change it even though actually all the keys are still functioning.

Zara is still my darling but sometimes she is just destructive,like scratching on my mom's sofa etc..I really need to get a repellent and spray it on the furnitures.better late than never..

Padan muka i tak layan dia this few days


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