Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not so happy

Its the 2nd last working day for the week.YeAyy!

Anyway, i've called the Pusat Kursus Kahwin in Pusat Bandar Damansara yesterday to reserve places for me and boy on the 6th and 7th of March.I really want to get it over with.A bit hard for me to coincide this kursus kawin with boy's schedule.But nevertheless, we still have to get through it .Boy sometimes is a bit too dependent on me to arrange for all of this.i guess, mmg all men are like this.Not to portray that they are not keen on the wedding preparations, that is just how they are and girls tend to get frustrated about it (including me) ..
For quite sometime it was eating inside of me, but i will not let this whole preparation affect the big picture.
If it were to boy, he wouldnt mind just having an akad nikah ceremony!
He should be thankful that i'm not going overboard with all of it compared to some of the other brides to be..

Ok, Insyallah after the kursus kawin, the next thing that needs to be settled is the hiv test.I target for that to be done in may.How do you get things done when its hard enough to see each other every weekend.I pray for his success but sometimes i do wish i was given a bit more of his time..


PurPLe LaDy said...

oh my god.. i'm dealing with this situation to0, where's my kekasyfi hati wasn't not really keen in doing all the preparations.. yess, agree with you. they dont mind to hv the akad only.. almost everything was done by us, girls..

Izrin said...

nana, if it is any consolation to u that u're not alone, mine is also like that so i am taking tht all men are like that. they just dont bother. dun even bother to pick a date!

hang in there babe.. semua bride-to-be melalui stress yg sama.. :)

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