Sunday, February 7, 2010

miss my parents and happy birthday to my cat

My parents left already..
hmm..honestly i know its only been a day,but i seriously miss them ..
its the smallest things that i take for granted such as coming home to have food prepared for me, laundry taken cared off..
And most of all the house seems very quiet and dull without mom's and dad's voices.

For now, they havent called to inform on their arrival.and its a bit bothering me..
I just want to know they are where they are supposed to be..I hope they didnt have to experience any delay in any of their flights and the long bus ride to Madinah.

I'm trying to organise the meals for dinner each night for the course of my parents absence for me and my brother..
Never knew it was tough to think of what meal to prepare everyday!
Obviously i would be tired when i get off work to go have dinner i have to pre plan the dishes..

Oh yes, today is the 7th of february,and its my cats birthday
Happy 3rd Birthday 'Sayang Mommy'

I gave her a bath this morning...She was quite ok with it.It must be because i used warm water to bathe her.After that, it was the blow drying session with my good old hair dryer..
She hated it..hehhehe


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