Friday, February 19, 2010

Teringin nak pegi Mekah

Friday is here again..
My parents arrived safely yesterday, I was soo happy to see them..looking at the pictures of Masjidil Haram and Masjid Nabawi, it made me realize that I really want to go there..

Mr Boy has been saying that he Insyallah would take me there after we get married..And I’ve always said ok, but now, I really really want to go.

As we were looking through the pictures, we came upon a picture of my parents and relatives at Jabal Rahmah.Jabal Rahmah is said to be the place where Nabi Adam n Hawa first met.
Mom told me yesterday that my cousin’s daughter made a wish for me when she climbed that bukit when she went there in January 2009.

So here’s the extended story,
January 2009, my cousin Kak Ana and her kids performed their Umrah and once again followed when my parents and relatives went 2 weeks ago.
The first time they went, they visited Jabal Rahmah.If I’m not mistaken u can climb Jabal Rahmah. So, kak ana’s daughters decided to climb it.Before the journey to the top, Kak Ana told her eldest daughter to wish and pray that I and another cousin of mine to finally find true love and get married.And so her daughter got to the peak, and she did wish for me to bertemu jodoh but somehow forgotten to wish for my cousin..

So the other day when my parents,relatives and kak ana’s family were at Jabal Rahmah, Kak ana told them about the wish her daughter made when they were there the 1st time.

1 year later.... Alhamdulillah I'm happily engaged and Insyallah I will be married in 4 months time to the man I love so much ..I wish that we could go to Jabal Rahmah after we get married and say that I love him right at the peak of the bukit..The place where Nabi Adam & Hawa first met.

Semoga both of us dimurahkan rezeki so that we would have the means and capability to go perform our umrah / haji anytime soon…Insyallah


Izrin said...

That's a nice story.. insyaAllah, dear..u'll get there someday.

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