Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kerja leceh for the doorgifts

Woke up this morning, had breakfast and i started my duty of tying ribbons on the cover of my porcelain door gifts for my nikah event.At first it was annoying and i nearly gave up, but because of my persistance,i finally got the hang of it.Managed to do about 40 pieces.Mom on the other hand was doing the quality control for the reception doorgifts.we have to go through all the 1500 pieces to check for any defects,so that we could return and get new ones from the far 2 big boxes down, 5 big boxes to go.

As for the nikah doorgifts there's about 130 plus pieces more to go as we only managed to buy 175 pieces .we wanted to get more but the shop ran out of the item.We plan to get something else for the men, maybe. .
Me and mom are slowly handling the tying of ribbons, cutting of the kain for the stuffing for the reception doorgifts etc2 ourselves.doing as much as we can, so that we wouldnt have to trouble my aunts and cousins.Tak nak pening pening if buat last minute.
We actually had to force ourselves to start, kalau we waited to do it on a weekday,lagilah memang takkan start.


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