Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sheila Majid-IJN Charity Dinner

Last night me,my cousins and aunts-all 10 of us went to the Sheila Majid-IJN Charity dinner at the KLCC Convention Center.My cousin farah got the table for us from her organisation that bought one whole table for 5k.Since no one from her organisation was able to make it for the dinner, she invited her relatives of course.

The dinner was organised by Cosry the designer, and co sponsored by Mouaward to raise contributions for IJN.Since Sheila Majid is the ambassador for the IJN Institution,-and also to mark her 25th year as a singer ,she was chosen to perform for the dinner.In conjunction with Mouawards anniversary, they teamed up with Cosry to design the most expensive kebaya in the world for Sheila Majid .The total cost for the dress was 250 million ringgit.Apparently the kebaya landed a spot in the Guiness world records.I heard there was a lot of policemen backstage guarding the dress.The dress was dripping with diamonds!

throughout dinner we were entertained with cosry's fashion show.the kebaya's are so so pretty.if only i could afford Cosry..
After dinner, Sheila made her first appearance with the most expensive dress and sang her songs.After 3-4 songs she went backstage and changed into something different and sang more songs.I tell u sheila is such a good singer and performer.she knows how to communicate with her audience and her voice--ahhh...what can i say about her voice,i dare say that she sounds exactly the same live on stage as she is in her records..She's really that good.

Anyway, kesian boy, he was the one that really wanted to go to the event because he loves Sheila.And my cousin Farah has put me and boy in her top priority in choosing amongst the relatives.But yesterday boy had work in he couldnt make it for the dinner.Farah's dad made the cut since there was an extra seat.

I took video's of Sheila singing for boy.Cant wait to show it to him


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