Thursday, October 29, 2009

he is so mad at me

i have not spoken to Boy for 3 days!!..
i guess he is mad that i used awful2 words to him last the term darah manis is really bothering me.he has never been this mad at me..
i know i should've change after being engaged but he sure knows how to tick me off..
sometimes he irritates and throw painful accusations towards me..
for him to want me to change to a better person,i think he should have played the right role and maybe change.
Boy out of all the people in the world should understand me the most and TRUST me..
he really has his trust issues..i'm really sad,i'm not well and i miss him so much..
at the back of my mind i keep on thinking " what if he wants to break it off"
oh my,i surely hope he is still thinking properly..
org darah manis senang influenced by setan!!
i can accept if he is teaching me a lesson but what if he leaves me..
i'm worried,scared and i feel that life is at a standstill till we're back to normal..


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