Friday, October 30, 2009

nasib baik

after making numerous phone calls to Boy and texting him like a million times.finally he called me.but i wasnt by my phone.then late last night,we were texting each other.i wanted to call him,but i didnt wanna push it..

So,i'm feeling more alive now that Boy is slowly giving in to me.Yey!!

Oh yes,and last night i followed my mom to Putrajaya .ziarah kematian.kawan my mom punya daughter..she was 23.kidney failure..they detected it this year,and there was not much that the doctors could do.When i saw muka jenazah smalam,her face was calm and also clean ..she must have been a good daughter in her life.she was studying medicine in bandung..she was already in her 4th year.but God loves her more,and took her life at a young age.
Makes you realise that life on earth is only temporary,and if you get off track..MasyaAllah..


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