Friday, October 2, 2009

My Love

This is my persian cat Zara.She'll be 3 in february..she is the most mengada cat..she eats only royal canin as her staple food,wet food every 3 times a week and treats(candies for cats thats good for her teeth and breath)..her food bekas is made from stainless steel ,she doesnt drink tap water,she has her own cat bed,she has her own so called covered pottie which looks like a house .

Usually zara doesnt eat people food but she has made an exception for my mom's sambal udang..i know it sounds ridiculous but yes zara suka udang!!!.tension je..slalu kena bg dia my share of smabal udang..but of course kena rinse the sambal off skit dulu..then u tgk la dia makan..u bagilah zara fish or sardin mmg she bau je and walk off...when she was younger she loved nuggets from it seems tht she got feddup of the nuggets..

before life with zara, i used to be so afraid of cats or other tell u how i got zara began when asma(my dear good friend)one day aked if i could accompany her to a pet exhibition in putrajaya..she has a cat named tiffany(a ragdoll cat named tiffany because she loves playing with asma's tiffany bracelet),a female cat which was in heat..since ragdolls are from australia,its hard to find the same bred to mate with tiffany.and so we went to the exhibition,sadly we didnt find any ragdolls,but we stumbled upon cute cute kittens..some of them siamese and persian.i immediately fell in love with the persian kittens..tried to pet some of them..they were very playful and naughty(stole my heart)..i called mr boy, and asked if he could buy me one of the kittens.boy said:'u ni skejap je syg kucing tu nanti,tgkla brg2 u,semua kejap je u jaga,then tak jaga'..i stood my ground and promised him tht i would care for the kitten if he bought it for me.(rm 800 for a kitten) mmg i tak mampu nak beli sendiri la kan.

so then,me and asma went back,browsed the internet for cats for the same time still pujuk2 boy to come and get me the the next day(it was a saturday)boy came from melaka, and i brought him to the pet exhibition,i guess he fell in love with the persian kittens too..we took one out of the cage and held and played with it..then boy gave the green light..i asked him which one do we get..he said the one that we've been holding.(the persian kittens semua adik beradik)..and so we payed and brought zara back home..

the first day i brought zara back home,she could easily fit in our palms.and now....she's fat,and about 6kgs..she goes for her yearly vaccination,and she has been spayed when she was about a year old..(mama dont want zara to beranak)and time tu zara started to get in deicided to spay her..

during the time that i bought her,i was living in cyberjaya,and mama used to be so scared of her if i brought her back during the weekends..mama would scream everytime zara got close to her..and now..2 years plus later,mama loves zara so parents adores her.she roams around the house dad would play with her evry night before he goes to bed..and my brother danial refers himself as abang to zara..cuteee....

so thats roughly the story about my baby zara..eeverynight she sleeps with me in my room.she gets afraid if there's lightning and thunder,she hates other cats.she loves eating and most of all even though she's living with all of us in the same house,she always2 seems to know that i'm her a baby knowing who their mommy is despite being cared of by others..thats the best.


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