Monday, October 19, 2009

Back in 2002

I've been wanting to write down about how boy approached me in 2002.well,i'll try my best to remember..

It was i guess in early september 2002.i was still studying in day, i got a phone call..i answered and this guy on the line asked me if i had called his number before because according to him,my phone number was in his phone bill..i said to him no of course.then he said nevermind then..then he called again the next day asking the same thing..i started to get annoyed.i gave him a piece of my mind..and then he confessed..he got my number from his friend who happens to be my friends bf at the time..he said he saw me and my friends at a club with my friends bf he asked for my number from my friends bf..

At first i just looked at the situation as a pathetic guy trying to woo me.. i just played along..note in mind i've never known how he looks like because we just spoke on the phone..untill one day he offered to give me lift back to malacca since he was in Kl.i accepted his offer..i know it was not wise to accept a lift from a considered stranger,but maybe at the time i was still young and naive.the moment i saw him i thought to myself-(buruknya mamat ni and what have i gotten myself into)before leaving,my dear friends asked for his IC to jot down his particulars(JUST IN CASE)..and from then on he started to ask me out..i remembered he used to top up credits for my hp..and he would purposely say that he accidentally bought hotlink credit(he was using celcom at the time)..really cute the way he wanted to make his mission subtle..

From then on my friends labelled him as up.hehhee.
then our friendship grew from first i couldnt believe he was being possessive even though we have not declared anything and later on he actually forced me to be his gf..i really wasnt ready to be in another relationship at the time,but considering he was a great friend/scandal, i reluctantly accepted..

Alhamdulillah the love grew and now 7 years later i am glad i chose to be with him..
its funny how people meet and fall in love really cant go out and look for LOVE.because love comes in the most unexpected and unpredictable way.That is what we in malay call 'jodoh and takdir'..

I'm glad i didnt have to kiss a lot of frogs to find my true love..


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