Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pelamin angan ku , x disangka dapat juga!. wth?!!

yesterday i went to Merak Kayangan.

Went with mom and a cousin..
We started with finalising our menu then carried on with choosing the pelamin for the reception.Nak tambah teh tarik kena additional rm2.huhu..they dont include hot drinks in their set.chose color for our chair ribbons.since they dnt have pink, i went with silver..

When the pelamin guy arrived, he brought 2 photo albums of all the pelamins with him..
One album was the one with pictures of the pelamins that are complimentary from Merak Kayangan..The other one is the one that u have to pay for it.

OMG..No offence, pelamin yang dapat free kan, what d0 u expect kan..lagipun, semua my cousins pernah kahwin kat either dewan felda or merak kayangan..pelamin semua cousins pun macam sikit lebih kurang je..what differs it is the color of the kain2 for the backdrop je..

Mom was also a bit tak semangat nak pilih pelamin yg free pelamin tu pon macam nak cepat je..dalam masa mom was going through the 'Pelamin free album', i browsed through the album yang pelamin kena bayar..mmg la lagi lawa.n ada yang kerusi putih besar n tinggi yg i've always also has always liked it..

Last2 mom said oklah, we take pelamin yang kerusi putih besar tinggi tu.!!
YEay..tapi kena split with mom la bayar duit pelamin.
lepas ckp je nak pilih pelamin yg kena bayar tu, baru la org tu semangat nak layan. dia cakap dia akan buat cantik2.kurang asam..

actually, mmg i dont want to spend money langsung kat pelamin.. initially i nak redha n just choose je mana2 yg dpt complimentary.tapi agaknya, mmg dah takdir i kena kluar duit jugak.. banyak nya pakai duit nak kawin....

ni belum color rambut, facial, mandi2 apa ntah, nak beli sexy under garments lagi.huhu..cincin lagi..

spend so much money for a 4 hour wasteful but ..
spend money on a once in a lifetime event makes it all worth it.


PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

i've been a reader to your blog. suka tgk u crita pasal ur wedding. aha.. tu la kan.. sume yg complimentary dr mne2 bridal house mmg serupa je kan? nak tak nak mmg kne tambah duit sikit.. tkt nyesal di kemudian hari kalo x buat.. same goes with me.. duit mengalir mcm air..

diyana said...

Hi!.. i see we have a few things in common , purple and a july wedding! congratulations in advance and good luck for your wedding..

~ thalhazlin ~ said...

dear, huhu. cam sama je kita. spend so much on the 'beberapa-jam-event' tu. tapi, macam u cakap la. kawin sekali je. T_T Redha je lah. mende lain spa semua tu lum pegi lagi tuh. hu

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