Friday, August 13, 2010

i miss my husband

I miss my husband all the time..
It makes me sad that i'm not there to prepare his meals for berbuka puasa, take care of his clothes and do everything that a wife does for her husband.

As u all know, i get to be with my husband only during the weekends and occasionally in the middle of the week if he has work to do in kl or if he misses me too much..
Before we got married, i thought it would be the same thing and i wouldnt be too affected by being apart as we've been in this kind of relationship for so long..

Now i understand the feeling of other weekend wives..i used to read their blogs..about how upset they got.about how they felt so unhappy and the only thing they look forward is for the i understand..

After i got married, what i realised was..actually i loved him in a different's a different kind of love..and being married for not yet a month, it break my hearts every time he has to go back to melaka..but i have to let him go..both of us have our responsibilities.we want a better future so we have to sacrifice a bit now..

When the time is right, the financial is great, he'll move his business to kl.and we'll be together..for the time being, i have to put on a smile and suck it up..

i miss my husband all the time..i'm hoping he misses me as much too.


MyRule said...

Hi... I'm PJJ hubby keja kat Melaka and i plak kat Shah alam.. It's ok dear.. It's normal to feel like that.. :)

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Awwww Dee... Hang in there okay.. Sacrifice for the future... :)

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