Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Berbuka with anak2 yatim

2 saturday's ago -the 1st saturday in ramadhan, we had berbuka puasa at my cousins (kak ana's)restaurant in Istana Budaya.
Dad invited 150 anak yatim for the buka puasa. actually dad wanted to invite the anak2 yatim to my wedding reception ,but because we were worried we could not attend to them , therefore we planned for a buka puasa event.

My mom and aunts from around subang jaya and taman tun managed to successfully collect almost 24k and distributed it to a few orphanage homes around the klang valley this year.
So after berbuka puasa and solat terawih, we gave away duit raya and hampers for the anak2 yatim we celebrated that day..The kids were so excited and happy.

Heartbreaking to see some of the kids were as young as 3 year olds..still in need of attention and all..ada one boy, mintak i ambik kan nasi dgn kuah je for berbuka.

Towards the end, my cousin allowed the anak2 yatim to pack the food to go..Some of them dapat bungkus air pon very happy already.
Glad at least they dapat merasa berbuka kat luar, dapat duit raya, and some snacks to bring back.


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