Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cooking with love

I plan to sharpen my cooking skills.

Last week when boy was around, i was so proud of myself because i cooked almost everyday.

I even tried roasting tandoori chicken.Boy came back from work when the chicken was roasting in the oven and he could not believe that i made it.he was saying that i must have bought it at the mamak shop and chucked it in the oven.How could he!?!

On the first day that my parents left, Boy and I went to Mydin and got a whole weeks supply of groceries.The next day, boy made chilli crab, shrimp fried rice and toasted buns to dip into the chilli crab gravy.

Since Boy studied culinary arts in college, u bet he sure knows a lot about cooking.
And because of this he turned into quite of a bossy chef.I remembered this day very clearly, i had to peel, chop, clean all the ingredients needed-basically did all the messy stuff, Boy on the other hand did JUST the cooking. Seriously very bossy.constantly giving me instructions to do this and that.hehehe..but nonetheless the result of his cooking was absolutely superb.
Even thinking about the crabs now, makes my mouth water.MUST GET HIM TO COOK AGAIN.

Anyway, the following days after, i took charge of the kitchen.Because i didnt check what we already had in the fridge before splurging at Mydin with boy, we ended up with an excessive amount of vege's that is.
So everyday, i made mixed vege. EVERYDAY.we had mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, cabbage,and at least 2-3 more types of veges -which i cant recall now, all in the same dish everyday. we wouldnt want the vege's to go to waste dont we?hahaha..
Of course i had other main dishes to go with my darling vege's..

Not once did boy complain about my mixed vege's.HEHEHE.everyday he would have second helpings of rice.I noticed that,He wouldnt have lunch or dinner while his out for work, just so that he could come back and eat my cooking..Ahhh that was so satisfying.Being able to prepare food and just look after your husbands well being.

Ayam sambal, again mixed vege!, steamed tofu

I love cooking.for now that is.


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