Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Take all my sorrows away

Sometimes the nights are hard to go through,
When i dont get to see my husband everyday.

But i'm coping and praying that it wont be too long till we finally settle in together, wherever that might be.

What i know is that the toughest time is usually after maghrib.
U know when u've showered and pray, and its time for u to relax..
Thats the time i'd feel so lonely.
I used to watch the news at 8pm before just going to bed early..
Now i've lost interest in the news.Would get my daily dose of news with reading the newspaper at work.

What i enjoy doing nowadays when boy is not around is to have my early dinner-this one is actually not something new,my family and I have very early dinners,as early as 6pm.But what makes my night different than before is after showering and praying,i'll start downloading my favourite tv /reality tv shows on the internet, thanks to unifi..omg currently i'm addicted to Keeping up with the Kardashians and grey's anatomy..I would watch the shows back to back until 10pm and go straight to bed.I sometimes have to force myself to shut down the shows as it has passed my bedtime.

I've watched almost half the movies playing in the cinemas currently on my laptop all thanks to my lonely nights without my husband.I'd download songs, and trim it with Real Player and turn it into my ringtone..Oh i'm enjoying it so much.
Like today, i cant wait to go back and download the song 'Perfect Nightmare" by Shontelle..

All of this new found obsession with reality/tv series helps take my sorrows away.

Nevertheless, nothing beats having a husband beside you when you go to sleep at night.


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