Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dont worry..It'll pass....

i cant remember who i was talking to..

Getting my make over

How cute is Sue Cantik!!!always making funny faces that makes us laugh hysterically

I loved my veil!

Yeah i get it, 'same old, same old'
BUT... i cant help it...still have the post wedding blues.
Pictures above are from a friends camera.
How i wish i could go through/experience my wedding day again and again until i get sick of it..

The whole reason i started this blog was more towards sharing my preparations towards 16th July 2010..My whole world revolved around it.I'm 100 percent sure that even Boy was sick and tired of listening to me plan out the wedding.I felt an indescribable joy whenever i get to attend a wedding .Even when it comes down to choosing our wedding songs, i swear i went through the few songs over and over again,listening to every lyric, envisioning me and boy walking down the aisle towards the dais..making sure if the melody was suitable and emotional enough to make it the right song...Exhausting my options in every detail...Ahhhh those were the days..

And now 4 months into our marriage, i still read other bride to be's blogs, i still get excited when Nona comes on with the wedding segment, i still wish i could fix here and there from the day itself, but most of all i still wish i could relive those days because it was the best few days of my life..and thats why i still have the post wedding blues..
It'll pass...when? maybe when i get pregnant..then its definitely time to roll out the next obsession with mini me's of ours.
Praying for next year to be as great as this year.Amin


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