Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am so thankful that the one thing i wanted most from my wedding was for me to enjoy it..and i did..i was so happy..i was not stressed..everything was beautiful to my eyes..that is what matters the my eyes both my pelamin nikah at home and pelamin bersanding at the hall was prettier than i nikah and reception baju was theme color stood out, even after lots of make up, masyallah...i loved it..sue cantik did a really good job..i myself never imagined that i could look as nice as my wedding day..

The akad nikah went smoothly.Boy managed to become my husband with sekali lafaz..syukur..syukur...

I'm prepping for my melaka reception this saturday..praying everything goes smoothly again..then we are going off for our honeymoon.
So far, i'm still adjusting to married life.tend to forget that i'm supposed to care for my husband also seems more loving since we got married..Everyone's treating us well..


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