Monday, July 12, 2010

3 days

3 days left!

oh so excited..not yet nervous..
thursday is going to be hectic and fun.
Pelamin people are coming to install it, wedding dresses, inai session..

tomorrow, would still be slow..nothing much besides tying ribbons for the nikah door gifts paper bags-thanks to mom, who decided last minute to add on the extra work of tying ribbons and gluing it on the paper bags.

On wednesday my hantaran would be delivered by my aunt and she would also do abit of decorating at the staircase and the bilik pengantin.and i would have to spend about 3 hours at the spa.

cant wait for my baju to be delivered..lets hope everything else turns out well and fall into place as planned months and months before this.


kay kamal said...

dang~ i pulak excited..~! hak hak tak psl2

Diyana said...

heheh..jemputla dtg to my reception this saturday..12-4pm at dewan merak kayangan, jln gurney 1, kl..

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