Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today, i was at the spa for 4 hours..
They started me off with a full body massage, steam bath, lulur,mask ,and mandi bunga.
felt so relaxed..dozed off 3-4 times in that 4 hours..made me feel soo good..
Me and mom put on the new bedsheets and covers for the bilik pengantin today..just waiting for my aunt to add on fresh flowers for decorations tomorrow or probably friday itself.the room is actually very simple..i want it to be simple..

My maid of honor was here to help out just now, later we went up to my room and started to burn wedding songs into a cd to bring to the reception...and all the while she was like-'u soo dah nak kawin!'
Yes darling..Insyallah in 2 more days, i'll be married to the leading man of my life.

Nervous? yes.
Just worried that i'll forget to bring things to the hall..
Tomorrow org pelamin, baju, khemah, and my hantarans will be arriving.


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