Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I feel so bad for i have once questioned why a friend who got married then later just hardly turns up for any get togethers/events anymore.I remember comparing her to my other friends who would still always join our events/get togethers despite being married and have babies.

For now i understand.Nowadays, i hardly have time to socialise with friends be it for lunch, dinner, shopping etc..I feel that i dont have the luxury of time for my friends anymore.And i miss hanging out..
After getting married, weekends for me revolves around being with my husband, since we only get to be with each other from friday to monday. So i pour my time and energy solely for him,be it in melaka or subang.My weekends are about preparing meals, doing his laundry and being his siamese twin/other half which i miss out during the weekdays.I dont have the ample time or energy to go meet up with friends during the weekends anymore. U may ask ask 'how about weekdays?' Well, i'll summarise my weekdays: work, eat, bathe, play with my cat,korean drama,watch movies on my laptop and sleep.I dont do socialising on a weekday.

Not that i'm complaining,dont get me wrong i love being married and all but if i could just make/find time to be with friends and catch up on things.Then that would be awesome.


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