Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Much needed time off

Hubby has been rather bummed with work this past two months, and through out the time , i have behaved very very well.not complaining much about the lack of attention/time spent given for me.Usually if he gets too caught up with work to even call during the day, I would definitely show and give him a piece of my mind when he does call later in the evening/night.But instead i gave him tremendous support and never ending reminders that i believe in his capabilities and dreams.

Finally after the gruelling period , i felt as if every ounce of patience i had to endure was worth it when i saw a picture of him sitting with the chief minister in a function/memorandum signing that he organised last week from the chief minister's fb page.This is a beginning of something he has always dreamt for.So hopefully this year would be OUR year.Insyallah.

After the event, he promised a short getaway for the weekend.Believing that i truly earned it, we had to make do with a one nights stay at a hotel in Kl since it wasn't worth the drive to Penang or Singapore for a far too short trip. The hotel was situated 5 minutes walk away from Pavilion.So immediately after checking in, we walked to Pavilion, had lunch and spent the whole day shopping/window shopping.I had to insist that we return to the hotel because my feet were killing me.After soaking myself in the bathtub, and hubby getting his quick nap, we went for dinner at one of my fav seafood place-Hokkaido.

Initially we planned to catch a movie after dinner (again at Pavilion), but we were just too full and exhausted that we opted to watch the live band performing at the lounge of our hotel lobby. One glass of fruit punch later, we adjourned to our room for the night.The next day upon checking out, we went to starhill and again pavilion and last but not least sunway pyramid on our way back to subang.

What a way to spend the weekend.I am one happy lady!BUT no matter what i get or buy wont be able to fill in the void i feel in my heart whenever i think about IT.

I guess hubby has been trying to cheer me up and lift up my spirit since the whole miscarriage incident.Rezeki comes in different ways.For now i have to be thankful for the other rezeki's i have in life, as Allah knows best.
This glitch will not dampen my hopes on having an offspring with the love of my life of 9 years.Our time will come soon.Insyallah.


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