Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Want

 Things/items i wanna do and get (Again the list is influenced by my fav youtubers: The SacconeJolys /Leflooftv)

1.First off, I sooo wanna go to Costa Coffee and grab a bite to eat. I've bought a beverage to go from Costa's before but i've never sat down and had a meal. I'd order the toasted tuna sandwich and probably an iced chocolate. Since i dont drink coffee, I'll make my husband get a cup, because my dream wouldnt be complete if we didnt get a cup of coffee like Anna and Joffee always does when they go into Costa's for lunch.
Even at home they drink their coffee religiously with their Costa coffee cup. How can i not dream of going to Costa Coffee.Sighh...

 2. Alpen porridge. Another staple in Anna's diet. She has this every morning with half a banana (sliced) and a dash of cinnamon powder for breakfast. Previously her favourite was the raspberry apple and raisin flavour, but about a week ago she's been having the new flavour which is the apricot almond and hazelnut. Alpen has many flavours but the one i'd like to get is the apricot one and the maple and pecan flavour. Looks soo yummers!

3. Batiste Dry Syampoo- I want to try and use dry syampoo. As i know its not good to wash my hair daily because it strips out the natural oil my hair/head produces that's supposedly good. I cant go a day without syampooing. I hate it when my hair gets flat and oily and itchy. So what's better than a dry syampoo to give my 2nd day or maybe 3rd day hair that fluff and freshness. Again seen many youtubers use this brand. So cant wait to get one.

 4. Bed Head hair products by Tigi. Honestly, i think the brand name is the reason I want to get it. I wanna try the syampoo and conditioner. Just for fun. It comes in vibrant color packaging and FUN ranges :  dumb blonde, self absorbed, superstar, moisture maniac, brunette goddess and more..

 5. Yankee Candle. Anna loves these candles. She said it smells amazing. She got the 'spiced pumpkin' scent for Halloween and for Christmas she got the 'christmas eve' scent. I think Yankee Candle is from the US , but its available in the UK and Ireland. They have all these cute n fun scents like 'banana nut bread', 'vanilla cupcake', 'home sweet home', 'cinnamon & sugar', 'almond cookie' and so so many more! I want!!!

 6. MilkShake conditioning Whipped Cream. The brand/name got me itching and so eager to buy and try this product. I imagine it smelling sweet like a vanilla/choc milkshake with whipped cream on top. OK now i want the real thing to drink! Anyway, its a leave in mousse conditioner that's supposed to do wonders to your hair. Read great reviews about this product and it was featured in one of Anna's monthly favourite item.

All the pictures above are from Google

I think i'm a lil obsessed with Anna, Joffee and Emilia. My dad's taking us all to my youngest brother's graduation this summer. And i've secretly thought of going to Ireland to hopefully get Anna to do a meet up. Cray Cray right! More like obsessed. Unfortunately i recalled that they're going to Sorrento this summer.


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