Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NYX Nude on Nude Eyeshadow Pallete

I purchased this pallete in January and have had a fair use of it. So today i'll share my thoughts on this product.

The Nyx Nude on Nude pallete comes in 20 eyeshadow colors and 10 lip glosses.
This pallete comes in a mix of matte/satin and shimmery colors.
The packaging in my opinion is not of a high quality. Very flimsy. Its made of plastic, and the pull out lip gloss compartment, is loosely clipped in, hence easily slipped out. I've already accidentally destroyed one lip gloss by accidentally poking my finger in it while trying to store away the pallete when the lip compartment  slipped out.

When i first got it, I was excited to try it out but became immediately dissapointed with it.
The eyeshadows are powdery. I'm in no way exaggerating. i could feel it falling on to my cheeks when i was applying it.

Disappointing ! It comes with really nice shimmery colors but the quality is unacceptable. U really need an eyeshadow primer to make it stay put. The shimmery colors doesnt spread evenly, so u'll have to blend and spread it well. Forget the applicator that comes with it and use your own eyeshadow brush or your fingers.U need to dab it on to build the color, not just swipe it on your eyelids. Lets not start on the eyeshadows in mattes. Absolutely poor pigmentation! Heck i bought a cheap eyeshadow pallete online last year, and even that cheapo pallete had better pigmentation and color pay off.

I couldnt be bothered to try the lip glosses.
Since i've bought it, i'm just going to use the eyeshadows as much as i can. But no to recommending it. Yes it's affordable at RM99. But with this kinda product quality. I'm better off using my cheap online purchased make up pallete .

I gravitated towards this pallete out of all the others in Sephora because of the name: Nude on Nude, since  I initially wanted the Urban Decay Naked pallete . But the Urban Decay was pricier, so i went with this one.
People online were saying this is a dupe version of the UD Naked pallete, and some say you cant compare them because its totally different. Well, i cant comment on this, but i surely still want the UD Naked pallete because of the great reviews.


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