Friday, April 5, 2013

Five Random Friday Facts about Me

1. I sleep on my tummy.
Will not fall asleep until i'm on my tummy. Not good for the face because my face gets squashed on the pillow. And I've read your face skin sags because of  gravity, and its even unhygienic because its in contact with the pillow which may be smothered with drool etc. Hence the bad complexion.

2. I have super thick eyebrows.
I pluck em say once every 2 weeks. Imagine if i don't, i bet i'll scare people off. My left side seems to grow out much faster than the right side.

3. I wear blue contact lenses.
Been wearing contact lenses since high school. I cant remember when i started wearing blue colored lenses. If i had to estimate i'd say close to 10 years. Why in the world did i choose blue! Who am i kidding! omg. i promised myself i'm going to change to dark brown, which i think would be more acceptable.

4. I prefer cold rather than hot
I love anything cold. I prefer winter(but not the extreme winter conditions) rather than summer, i'd choose cold icy drinks rather than a hot cup of tea . I would drink a cold glass of water in the morning, but MIL has advised against it. Not good for women she says.

5. I must cover my feet when i sleep at night
I'm afraid that ghosts will play with my toes.

Hope all of you have a fabulous Friday!


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