Monday, May 13, 2013

Leflooftv + Itsjudyslife

You know how i've been going on and on about following religiously two of my top most favourite youtube family vloggers daily without fail right.
About how i adore Emilia and Julianna.
Guess what! I'm in for the best vlog episode ever!
Leflooftv and Itsjudyslife are getting together for the first time and they are having a meet and greet session in Dublin on the 15th of June.
Cutie pie Emilia and Cutie bear Julianna are going to combine their cuteness power when they finally meet.
The itsjudyslife family are flying to Dublin, Ireland.

The 2 famous youtube family vloggers are fans of each other. You'll hear both sides talking about the other in their vlogs, and they must have wanted to do a meet up for the longest time. And its finally happening!
I am so excited!!
I cant wait for the meet up vlog. The vlog will probably up on leflooftv at 1am , 17th June, Malaysian time.



Julianna ( Itsjudyslife)

 Itsjudyslife family

  Itsjudyslife family

 Emilia (Leflooftv)

 Leflooftv family

  Leflooftv family

All the pictures above are from Google.


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