Wednesday, January 26, 2011

there's only 1 thing on my mind:FOOD

all i seem to think about is food!

Everyday i envision how my dinner would taste.On monday i wanted sup tulang, yesterday i just ate whatever my mom cooked and didnt seem to fancy it.It resorted me to eating cereals for dinner.For today, the moment i woke up i asked my mom if she could make bubur lambuk?!Being the lovely mom as always, of course she said yes.

Right after lunch , i suddenly felt like eating home made lasagna.I even googled the recipe as i malu nak mintak my mom buatkan.but i dont know when i'd be able to prepare it as weekdays mmg tak, i've got to go to the supermarket to get the ingredients.This weekend pulak, will be going back to melaka.When will i get to eat home made lasagna???

Morning sickness has not kicked in ,its more of the nauseous feeling and the occasional gags whenever i smell something i dislike.I do hope it doesnt get worst, as i proceed along further into this pregnancy.

Mom has been trying to get me to drink milk and soya bean.but i somehow do not want to drink it makes me loya..thank god i'm loving cereals so of course i eat it with fresh milk, so that somehow helps .But still i refuse to drink soya bean.I'm hoping i'd like it sooner or later.Planning to drink birds nest too.wondering how it taste like.

Besides the big appetite and the cravings, i am always just so 7pm i'd be half asleep, so every weekday after watching the korean drama series that ends at 8pm, i go straight to bed..I've been waking up at night to make trips to the loo.And my cat has been extra manja, which made my mom say that my cat could sense something different with me.

Its 3 pm and i have 2 and a half hours to go till i can go back and eat my bubur lambuk..tak sabar is everything to me.i dont care about anything else.


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