Monday, February 27, 2012


Last Wednesday evening, my gums started to swell.
The swell was at the lower right of the wisdom tooth area.

So far this is the 3rd time in a span of 6 to 7 years i think that i've experienced this horrible swollen infected gum.
Since my wisdom tooth is impacted, the gums around it is considered a food trap.
I constantly have to make sure no bits of food gets stuck in the area everytime after a meal.
Rewind to Wednesday morning, i stopped over at the Petronas USJ 2 to buy nasi ambang bungkus to eat at work.I love the nasi ambang, because its like a complete meal that includes ayam sambal, sayur tahu, tempe, soh hoon, kacang panjang, and ikan masin with desiccated roasted coconut.
All of that for only RM4.

So the minute i got to my office, i ate it for breakfast. Remembered the chicken breast being quite tough. bits of chicken somehow got stuck in the gum near the food trap,immediately felt uncomfortable.
I managed to get it out but i guess it already triggered the swelling.
By evening, i experienced great discomfort and my gum started to throb.

On thursday, the swelling got worse and the pain started to get unbearable .
I left the office at 3pm and went straight to the dentist.
As usual, the dentist advised to extract the impacted wisdom tooth.
But whatever it is, i have to wait till i've recovered from all the swelling and infection.
Was given antibiotics and ponstan to relieve the pain. (the ponstan didnt help at all! just to show how intense the level of pain i was enduring)

Have been contemplating on the extraction.Hubby has been asking me to get it done so many times before this. I'm not afraid of the extraction, but i'm afraid of the recovery. I was advised to take the week off following wisdom tooth extraction. so i've got to plan for it.

Its monday today, my gums are still a bit swollen. Having difficulties in eating as i cant close my mouth properly. and to top it off, i got a sore throat on friday that developed to cough and flu. can u imagine my misery.
Didnt want to get MC though, so here i am at work.dreading the 2 hours left to 5.30pm

The recovery after an extraction: Minor surgery for impacted tooth.
do not drink using a straw, no spitting, and plenty of other donts to ensure u develop a blood form clot at the gum area where the tooth was removed.
If lets say u dislodge the blood clot too early, u will have to endure the painful inflammation called the 'dry socket'- exposed gum socket.This according to google is a nightmare. this can prolong the agony and the recovery period to 2 to 3 weeks.

From google:
With the clot gone, the extracted tooth's root space does not fill in with new tissue. The bone and nerves in the socket are then exposed to air, fluids and food. This can cause intense pain, not only in the socket but also along the nerves radiating to the side of your face.

I cannot imagine the pain as the painful swelling of my gum is already one my worst nightmares.

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