Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Beach Holiday

On Friday, me, B, and my fam will be going for a short 3 nights trip to the land of the white elephants; Thailand.
Phuket to be exact. Having been to Bangkok for 3 times, i'm pretty much excited to experience again the great Thai cuisine, and the Siamese culture. This is B's first out of country trip with my dad. Our 1st trip with mom was last years December holidays.

As a couple, we've never really favored beach holidays. We've always been the Bangkok type of people rather than the Phuket. But since brother no 2 is back for his summer hols, we thought we'd go somewhere together like they did (without me n b, b lah kecoh tanak ikut) last year, where they went to Bali. Just somewhere close to make it a short trip.
But soo sad that bro no 1 has been working in Jakarta on a work assignment since July and has yet to finish work there. So he's out of the fam troup to Phuket.

Phi Phi island

James Bond Island (The Beach: Leonardo Dicaprio)

Patong Beach

Pictures above are all from Goole.

We've booked a travel package which includes 3 nights accomodation, 3 halal meals a day, 2 days island tour, snorkeling, airport transfers n all. 
After doing some research on Phi Phi island  and James Bond island, i can admit that i am soooo excited to go swimming n snorkeling.

And of courseee makannn thaii food! B n i loved the thai food we had in Bangkok. Being the big eater that we are, we surely have planned  to go and look for a good halal thai restaurant even though we will be provided with breakfast, lunch, n a dinner meal while we're there.


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