Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gift Box from the Bride to her Dulang Girls

2 weekends ago, I attended my good friend's wedding in Langkawi. I myself and 4 other girls was elected as her dulang girls for her nikah. (Not that we had to carry any dulangs) We just wore the same color/material and did what we did best; posed for pictures with the Bride and Groom. I didnt manage to snap pictures of the nikah because i was busy with the bride and being the dulang girl.

Anyway, we stayed at the same hotel she hosted her nikah and wedding reception. We stayed for 2 nights. But feels like we were there for too short of a stay. Hope to come back in the future.
The Danna Langkawi is beautiful. Their rooms are huge and comes with a huge 4 poster bed. Love!
The infinity pool tempts you to dip in, but too bad time doesnt permit us in doing so.
Below are some of the pictures i got to snap using my phone of the room and pool area. Have more pictures in my camera but too lazy to transfer.

his and hers sink/vanity space

The wedding marquee was up when we got there

Pool lounging chairs literally in the pool

When we checked into our room, i found this box with a note with my name on it. Its a gift from the Bride to her dulang girls. The Bride got the hotel to place the gift boxes in our rooms prior to our arrival. 

When i opened the box, there was a handwritten note from the Bride and Groom

And here's the inside:  Bridal version of the Wonderbox from the Bride!

Eyelash curler and mascara

Sunblock, shaver, nail buffer, cotton buds, hair ties, plasters, and oil blotter

Soap and Glory's body butter and body scrub

Sewing kit and some hair pins. U never know when us ladies might need to stitch something or need a hair pin to tuck away those fly aways.

The Bride thought of all the things her girls would/might need on her wedding day. Thoughtful beyond words!

Here are some of the pictures from the reception. It was a beach wedding. Held under a beautiful decorated marquee with beautiful table settings and decorations.

View from the outside

View from the inside

It was a beautiful reception. Everyone kept on buzzing about how beautiful the wedding was.We had good food. Fresh oysters and all the other fancy schmancy food!
They ended the night with a fireworks show! It was something like the KLCC's new years eve fireworks! Everyone enjoyed the wedding. 

So upset my camera battery and my phone went dead just as the reception was about to start. So stupid of me to not check before leaving our room. 

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!


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