Monday, October 13, 2014

NYX Lip Pencils

Believe it or not i've never owned a lip pencil/liner up until the 3 NYX lip pencils that i just recently picked up.

 I was looking for an affordable product with decent results. When i asked the lady at the NYX counter at Central World Plaza in Bangkok, how much it was, i was blown away at how affordable it was. 150 Baht per pencil which is about RM15 malaysia ringgit.
Based on the Soft Matte Lip Creams from NYX, I was confident that their lip pencils would be of good quality too.

The 3 colors that i chose is the color Natural, Hot Pink & Hot Red. I thought I was covering all my basis with the 3 colors but i forgot to get something for my berry lipsticks and maybe a purple one.

The verdict:
Out of the 3, my favorite has got to be Natural. Mainly because of the color, (close to my lip color). All 3 colors has the right amount of creaminess to it without feeling like a lipstick. It is also easy to fill the lips in with it. I did go on to have a seafood lunch while trying out the Natural pencil and i thought it had a good lasting power and it also didnt dry out my lips.

Totally recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable lip liner.
Would definitely repurchase. In fact i cant wait to add more colors to my collection.

From the top: Hot Red, Natural, Hot Pink


Hot Pink
Hot Red

I am a MAC NC42.


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