Friday, December 12, 2014

DHC Cleansing Oil

Have you tried cleansing oils?

I myself have never until i bought the DHC cleansing oil while i was in Japan.
Before the trip, i googled : beauty items to get from Japan and this cleansing oil was one of the list of item to get.

I must say that i was skeptical initially, since i have oily skin. But i am SUPER happy i tried it. It removes make up easily.  I just need 2 small pumps to completely remove all the make up including mascara. The oil melts the make up away. During my first try, i thought i would still need to cleanse my face with my everyday cleanser after using the oil. but i didnt need to. after rinsing my face, there wasnt the slightest bit of oil residue . and i felt squeaky clean.

I personally would use this oil for days when i have a full on face of make up. I now have a new perspective on cleansing oils. I also heard the shu eumura's one is good too..

I would definitely repurchase.


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