Monday, April 9, 2012

Insyallah kalau ada rezeki


If my time has come and it is really my rezeki.
Hubby and I will be going to perform our Umrah this May.
It will be hubby's 3rd time and it'll be my first.
As we all know, 'kita mampu merancang, tapi Allah yang menentukannya'.
We have been planning to go after our Europe trip last december. But hubby has been so busy that we couldnt decide on the time to go.
But a few days ago hubby told me that we can put our names in to go with his umno group that's organising for an Umrah trip next month.
Happyy..and nervous.

And again, if its really my rezeki, and Allah has called me to his place,
then Insyallaah i will get to perform my first Umrah.


myra said...

diyana!!!!!!!!! bestnyeeeeee i want to follow plssssssss.. nangis*

Please doakan I pon akan sampai.

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