Thursday, April 19, 2012


So remember i blogged about having our Mothers & Father's day lunch this saturday.
Well, yesterday hubs informed me that there would be a taklimat umrah on saturday morning, 8.30am in Melaka.

Attendance is compulsory.Well, hubs do understand that we've been planning for the lunch way before he got to know about the taklimat. So like it or not, hubs would have to attend, and he said he'll let the organisers know that i wouldnt be able to make it.

But, berattt hati and susah hati when i think of having a good time at lunch where else i'm supposed to prepare myself for Umrah. I actually have alot to ask about it. So many questions and its not like i'm going for a vacation.This is an ibadah.Why not throw in the effort, attend both and feel great about it at the end of the day.Even though i just went back to Melaka last week, and hubs had promise that he'll make time for the lunch. Like i always believe; kita mampu merancang, tapi Allah yang tentukannya.

So my solution is to drive back to Melaka and get there before 8.30am, and hopefully by 12 the latest, the taklimat would be over. Then i'll/we'll rush back to KL and straight to the hotel.If we dont finish in time, then its not our rezeki to spend time with my family and relatives.

I believe Allah is testing me.


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