Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Itinerary

Syukur last Saturday we managed to attend our lunch gathering and rush back to Melaka for our taklimat though we were there almost an hour late.

We received our free bags and ihram/telekung from the travel agent. Was briefed on the itinerary . Finally after much anticipation. We are leaving on the 15th of May with Saudi Airlines. Our return date is on the 27th but will be arriving on the 28th.

The challenging part is: We're flying to Jeddah and straight into Mekah. Usually, they will fly into Jeddah and will be taken to Madinah for 3-4 days (not in the state of ihram) before going into Mekah. That means: we must be in our ihram clothing from home. We will have to mandi sunat ihram, and solat sunat ihram at home before leaving for the airport. but we are still not bounded by the 13 larangan dalam ihram yet, until we fly and are about 1 and a half hours to landing in Jeddah. The pilot will then make an announcement that we are nearing the miqat/sempadan hence then we would berniat umrah and have to obey all the pantang larang until :

1- we land, go through customs, take our bags, get out of airport and into our bus.
2-bus journey fr jeddah into mekkah which takes roughly 1-1&1/2 hours depending on traffic.will stop by at a rest area for packed dinner and solat jamak taakhir for maghrib and isyak.According to travel agents we cant expect the rest areas to be like ours. we have to bersabar.
3-continue journey into mekah. check into hotel. rest for an hour and straight away perform our umrah: tawaf, saei and tahalul..After tahalul then only we are freed from all the harams in umrah.

All the while making sure that we tak langgar larangan dalam ihram.Tak boleh langgar ihram intentionally or unintentionally (not sure) or else would have to bayar dam.

 In a way its good because we are going to perform our umrah straight away.while the energy is still high and get the wajib's done then only we leave after 9 nights in Mekah for Madinah.so we can relax already by the time we get to madinah and just focus on our solat and ziarah. we will be flying back from there.
 Our target is to get our first umrah done before subuh which is around 4+am. we would probably be settled in the hotel past midnight since our flight lands at 7pm.taking into consideration time needed to get out of the airport with a big group of 65.

According to the travel agent who just got back from Mekah, even though its not the holiday season in Mekah, but the amount of Jemaah in Mekah right now is huge. The weather in May is a scorching 42-45 degrees during the day.
So much for me to learn. Doa sunat for every round of Tawaf is different. The niats.. Got to buy telekung, jubah and all the necessities. Of course i cant help but feel abit worried, but Allah is Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.

As my dad said, you're not going for a vacation. so dont complain if u dont find things the way u like it.just accept, bersabar and redha..Reminding me that the reason i'm going is to go and execute my duties as a muslim and of course for Allah.


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