Friday, December 12, 2014

DHC Cleansing Oil

Have you tried cleansing oils?

I myself have never until i bought the DHC cleansing oil while i was in Japan.
Before the trip, i googled : beauty items to get from Japan and this cleansing oil was one of the list of item to get.

I must say that i was skeptical initially, since i have oily skin. But i am SUPER happy i tried it. It removes make up easily.  I just need 2 small pumps to completely remove all the make up including mascara. The oil melts the make up away. During my first try, i thought i would still need to cleanse my face with my everyday cleanser after using the oil. but i didnt need to. after rinsing my face, there wasnt the slightest bit of oil residue . and i felt squeaky clean.

I personally would use this oil for days when i have a full on face of make up. I now have a new perspective on cleansing oils. I also heard the shu eumura's one is good too..

I would definitely repurchase.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In Love with Japan

Nabana No Sato ( Flower Garden)

Or Konnichiwa darlings!
About a month or so ago i went to Japan for a short vacation. I never thought i would fall in love with Japan. I visited Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya.  It was fall in Japan and the weather was cool (around the mid teens during the day) and the trees were turning into beautiful golden and red colors. I must admit if we went abit later we would be able to experience the kyoto autumn foliage in full effect. Nevertheless it was still breathtakingly beautiful. 

I love Japan. I'm already planning to go back with my husband. 
Here are some of the pictures:
Osaka Castle

Toyota Museum


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


What is your favourite handbag style? There are a many types of shoulder bags for women..I personally gravitate towards totes. A tote can give you a laidback look and also a polished look depending on the size, design and colour. Large totes are practical for moms to double as a diaper bag and also for women who loves to throw in practically everything in it (like me), heck some days I even carry cat food for the strays. (I love cats). The smaller ones are just chic for every woman really. It’s just up to your taste and style to define what mood you are in or what type of look you are going for. I have a few favourites when it comes to handbags. The first would be a staple in every woman’s collection. A black coloured handbag. It is perfect for women to wear to the office looking professional, sophisticated at a formal dinner and basically everywhere. You can never go wrong with black.

The second shoulder bag is for the ladies who love playing with colours and perking up their fashion style. My mom and I love pops of colour. A bright coloured handbag is a great accessory to brighten up your whole look. Gone are the days that you have to colour coordinate your shoes with your handbags. Go to town with the wide arrays of colourful handbags available these days.

The third handbag that a woman should definitely own is a beige or a tan/nude coloured one as this colour is a neutral and portrays an elegant yet soft look. Women can wear it to parties, to work or even with a plain casual outfit and still look amazingly ravishing and polished. The beige shoulder bag is also a very versatile colour for women who do not want to spend a lot of time figuring out the perfect choice of bags to match with their clothes.

Having colleagues that share the same passion in beauty and fashion, we love browsing through Malaysian online shopping websites for handbags and beauty items during our lunch breaks. I find that ZALORA have a wide variety of handbags and gorgeous accessories at an affordable price. I love handbags, and I’m pretty sure almost every woman does.

Monday, October 13, 2014

NYX Lip Pencils

Believe it or not i've never owned a lip pencil/liner up until the 3 NYX lip pencils that i just recently picked up.

 I was looking for an affordable product with decent results. When i asked the lady at the NYX counter at Central World Plaza in Bangkok, how much it was, i was blown away at how affordable it was. 150 Baht per pencil which is about RM15 malaysia ringgit.
Based on the Soft Matte Lip Creams from NYX, I was confident that their lip pencils would be of good quality too.

The 3 colors that i chose is the color Natural, Hot Pink & Hot Red. I thought I was covering all my basis with the 3 colors but i forgot to get something for my berry lipsticks and maybe a purple one.

The verdict:
Out of the 3, my favorite has got to be Natural. Mainly because of the color, (close to my lip color). All 3 colors has the right amount of creaminess to it without feeling like a lipstick. It is also easy to fill the lips in with it. I did go on to have a seafood lunch while trying out the Natural pencil and i thought it had a good lasting power and it also didnt dry out my lips.

Totally recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable lip liner.
Would definitely repurchase. In fact i cant wait to add more colors to my collection.

From the top: Hot Red, Natural, Hot Pink


Hot Pink
Hot Red

I am a MAC NC42.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall Make Up- Berry Lips


Wanted to show you a look i created while playing around with my make up collection. 

I went with berry lips with a smokey eye look.
Added falsies for the glamed up effect.

Urban Decay: Vice 2
Coastal Scents: 88 eyeshadow palette
Too Faced: Chocolate Bar Palette
Mac blush: Mocha
Sleek: Eyebrow palette
Sleek: Contour palette
Borjois: Chocolate bronzer
Seventeen: Deep Secret lipstick
Sephora powder
Garnier: bb cream miracle perfector 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lashes and Brows

Its saturday. And guess what time i woke up. 4.30am. Yepppppp. Thanks to my kitty cat. She was fussing and undecisive on whether she wanted to be in the room or not. 
Anyway, thought i would blog about my latest obsession 'make up item'. Falsies..
I remembered years ago , hating the look of falsies on me. I thought it looked incredibly horrible not to mention extremely fake looking. So i guess thats why i've always stopped at mascara. 
But lately, since i've been really into youtube and the makeup world, i find myself wondering what if i could actually pull this off. Maybe i wasnt doing it right the last time. Maybe the lashes i got was not the right look i was looking for. I find that whenever every youtuber put on their lashes they look like a million dollars and look complete. 

So i went and got myself a few lashes that are more on the natural side and also the demi wispie styles. To me they seem more natural but with the right amount of ummph. 
Been practicing (applying falsies requires alot of it) for my cousins wedding. 
And tried to play around with my eyebrow kit.
Remembered a youtuber saying, you always have to do your brows. To get the put together look. Without it , your art is not complete. 

In the pics i used my Ardell demi wispies in black and my sleek brow kit in dark.
I do like these lashes but i feel that its suitable for a night time look. I'd go with  more natural lashes during the day. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rimmel By Kate Moss Lipstick

Been soo long since i last blogged.
Today I'm going to talk about how much i adore the Rimmel by Kate Lipsticks.
I have 2 colors, one from each finish; matte (red tube) in the code 111 or the creamy lasting finish (black tube) in the code 016.

I've been looking for a true red lipstick. nothing orangey or a deep berry color.
And i thought that the 111 color was perfection since it was also matte.
One of the youtubers i  subscribe to, introduced me to the Rimmel by Kate lipsticks and when i had the opportunity to go to Boots pharmacy last year (we dont have it in Malaysia), i wasted no time in getting a hold on one.
It applies smoothly, surprising for a matte lipstick and it lasts through out the day.
I love it so much that only use it on special occasions and also because its not readily available for me to purchase here.

The second color i got is a peachy pink color. Its creamy , opaque and not too sticky. It also last a long time but not as long as the matte. Forgot to mention that my colleague bought it for me while on a work trip. 

Will i repurchase: yEssss if i can get a hold of it. 

Price: 5-6 pounds

The other item from rimmel that i'm interested in is the 'Stay Matte' powder. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

MAC Heroine Lipstick

I finally got my hands on the most coveted purple lipstick on youtube land... The MAC Heroine. 

I love the color and whats makes it better for me is that it has a matte finish. 
I wore it for dinner one night and was pleasently surprised that the color stayed put. I wouldnt say its really really purple. In some light u could see the pinky undertones. But i love it. 

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