Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feeling neglected

Its so hard not to merajuk and turn mad when i'm always left to understand that hubby's bz.Resorting to the silent treatment is what i find i do best lately.
Even when he tries to rationalise and make me see the bigger picture and the outcome.
I still think he could do better in juggling between time for work/politics and quality time with his missus.

Especially when you dont live together and you soo look forward to every weekend to spending time and expect him to pamper and give his utmost attention to no one but you.
Yes you would think that during the weekends he would, but its not the case lately .
Even if he's in KL during the weekdays (of course for work/politic related, rarely because he misses me) he's out late and would only rest his head beside me in the wee hours.It hurts.

He tries to make it up, and when you think you're about to give in and undo the silent treatment, another urgent work matter would come up.
I feel that i come second to everything.

I'm really trying to understand, really trying to be a good wife.


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