Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i'm engaged

hello ppl...

last saturday was my birthday and the day i got engaged..evrything went on as planned.we had sani for the bubbly photog.the event went on as i wanted it except for the terrible make up ..i'm dissapointed with the makeup artists work ..the fact that i could have done better makes me regret every bit ..but i promise myself not to get over upset just because of it.
asma and dzue arrived early,followed by the time i got ready i was immediately called out of the room for the menyarung cincin..i was nervous..terketar2 nak senyum..but after that was fine..took pictures with boy's family and friends...the food was soo sedap..thanks to abg mi and kak ana's catering..mmg sgt sedap tak tipu..then mak ndak bought a cake for me and adlan ( my lil cousin who turned 8 on the 24th) and all of them sang for us..that was really evening i was exhausted but i knew i had to keep the pace going to prepare for the bbq later that night..

danial and darimi's friends came for the bbq..sgt friends also came..then later into the night they brought out another cake for i had 2 birthday cakes...mmg penat sgt...had to clean later...really appreciate kak kimah for helping out till late...finally my friends left at about 1am..penaaatt..boy and i terus flat tido..
about boy's was nice..more than i was gold in color..was very touched by their effort.
kesimpulannya penat dgr org ckp congratulations..hehe..


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