Wednesday, June 30, 2010

16 days

When i just got engaged, i was counting the days to my wedding like every single day.
Got excited on anything that has to do with weddings.Pestered boy to prepare for his reception, like constantly..Got hurt when he didnt seem to be interested in the preparations, when he seems more interested in work more than the wedding.

Today, i'm 16 days away from the day i've been thinking non stop for the past 8 months.And i'm thinking why is it approaching so quickly, where else, 4-5 months ago,i was dying for it to come fast.

Lately, what seems to be so important 4-5 months ago, really doesnt seem to even matter.Wedding dress, wedding dais, photographer, wedding cards and a million other things has been attended to with love and hope that it would be the best to my eyes, if not to others..For now, i just want to relax and hopefully be calm enough to face the upcoming stressful days ahead.

Lets just hope everything turns out nicely.


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